perils of paper

The Perils of Paper

The benefits of paperless are starkly illustrated when you consider the impact that paper has on the operations of the average business. Here are some ‘fun’ (and ugly) facts.

Legal Virtual Assistant

Using a Legal Virtual Assistant

Lawyers spend 40% of their time doing tasks that do not require a lawyer. Hiring a legal virtual assistant can ease your admin workload and enable you to focus on fee earning work.

Paperless Justice System

A Paperless Justice System

According to the Department of Justice Action Plan 2021, we are headed for a paperless justice system. Here are the details.

Partial Paperless

Partial Paperless

‘Partial Paperless’ enables you to reap the benefits of paperless without abandoning paper. You don’t have to go the whole hog. Here’s how.

reduce eye strain paperless academy

Reduce eye strain from screen use

With our increasing reliance on digital devices for reading documents, communicating with others (video calls), and even attending remote hearings, many people are experiencing issues with their eyes after prolonged exposure to screens.