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How Paper Slows you Down and Costs you More

How paper slows you down and costs you more

    The benefits of paperless are starkly illustrated when you consider the impact that paper has on the operations of the average business. Here are some ‘fun’ (and ugly) facts.

    How to Digitise a Paper Brief

    How to Digitise a Paper Brief

      Watch this 2 minute video to see how easily a paper legal brief can be converted quickly into a searchable digitised document.

      The Fifth Court Podcast

        On Episode 7 of Ireland’s legal podcast the founders of Paperless Academy and TrialView talk about technology in legal practice.

        How to Build a Digital Brief

        How to Build a Digital Brief

          Build a bookmarked brief with automatically generated page numbers and an automatically generated Table of Contents (free, and in less than 30 seconds!).

          Minimise eye strain from screen use

          How to minimise eye strain from screen use

            With our increasing reliance on digital devices for reading documents, communicating with others (video calls), and even attending remote hearings, many people are experiencing issues with their eyes after prolonged exposure to screens.

            Top 5 Scanning Mistakes

              Whether you’re using a mobile phone scanner app or a multi-purpose office machine, try to avoid these Top 5 scanning mistakes.