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Paperless systems require a working knowledge of a number of different elements. We’ll cover:

  • The PDF File Format
  • Scanners & Scanning
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • File Management & Storage

We’ll also look at organisational considerations during the transition phase.


Without paper you don’t need pens, highlighters, notebooks, sticky tags, hole punchers or ring-binders. We demonstrate their digital equivalents under the following headings:

Manipulating: Splitting, breaking, extracting, rotating and combining files/pages.

Annotating: Margin notes, highlighting, underlining, bookmarking (sticky tags).

Notebooks: Creating, saving and sharing digital notebooks, and how to use them.

Additional Information


In-Person: We’ll come to your premises or we can provide a coaching space

Online: We use video-conferencing software to deliver remote coaching to groups.

Follow-up & Support

Every participant in our coaching will have direct e-mail access to the Instructor for 3 weeks to answer any questions or help with any issues they may experience.

Certification & CPD

Certification in respect of Group Coaching Sessions is available on request.

Advanced Coaching

We provide in-depth online courses which are available as an add-on to group coaching.

This provides a cost-effective way to train your team in the more advanced methods and software functions that may not have been fully covered in the group coaching session.

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“Extremely well structured and presented. I learned a lot from it and am feeling, for the first time, that going paperless is actually an achievable goal.”

marguerite bolger sc

Senior Counsel, Ireland

“I’m finding it excellent as a barrister in my first year struggling to work out what paperless might ‘look like’. A fantastic course, which I have already recommended to colleagues.”

emma sullivan bl

Barrister, Australia

“A very fine suite of education pieces around digital notepads, note-taking, and how to use and annotate PDFs. Gerard is very approachable, very open, and supportive.”

Neil Butler

Solicitor, Ireland

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Since March 2020 Paperless Academy has been helping lawyers in Ireland, Australia, Northern Ireland, the UK, and the US to go paperless.

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