How to plan your transition to paperless.

What the Guide covers:

  • The Benefits of Paperless
  • Challenges you will face
  • File Management & Storage
  • Working with Digital Documents
  • How to make a smooth transition
  • Organisational considerations


Read these articles for more information about going paperless.

perils of paper
The Perils of Paper

The benefits of paperless are starkly illustrated when you consider the impact that paper has on the operations of the average business. Here are some ‘fun’ (and ugly) facts.

Legal Virtual Assistant
Using a Legal Virtual Assistant

Lawyers spend 40% of their time doing tasks that do not require a lawyer. Hiring a legal virtual assistant can ease your admin workload and enable you to focus on fee earning work.

Paperless Justice System
A Paperless Justice System

According to the Department of Justice Action Plan 2021, we are headed for a paperless justice system. Here are the details.

Continuing Professional Development
CPD Points at Paperless Academy

You can claim CPD Points for every hour you spend working on our online courses. Here’s what the professional rules say for lawyers.

Why Adobe is not worth paying for
Why Acrobat Pro is not worth paying for

Adobe produce great PDF tools but you can get what you need without spending a cent. Here’s why Acrobat Pro is not worth paying for.

Partial Paperless
Partial Paperless

‘Partial Paperless’ enables you to reap the benefits of paperless without abandoning paper. You don’t have to go the whole hog. Here’s how.


“Extremely well structured and presented. I learned a lot from it and am feeling, for the first time, that going paperless is actually an achievable goal.”

marguerite bolger sc

Senior Counsel, Ireland

“I’m finding it excellent as a barrister in my first year struggling to work out what paperless might ‘look like’. A fantastic course, which I have already recommended to colleagues.”

emma sullivan bl

Barrister, Australia

“A very fine suite of education pieces around digital notepads, note-taking, and how to use and annotate PDFs. Gerard is very approachable, very open, and supportive.”

Neil Butler

Solicitor, Ireland

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