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My Paperless System – Four Pillars

These are the digital tools you need if you want to replace filing cabinets, staplers, highlighters, and paper notepads. Thankfully you don’t have to do it all at once – the four pillar system allows for a gradual transition that suits your needs.

A Quick Tour of Paperless Academy

A short video highlighting the guides, articles, courses and coaching offered at Paperless Academy.

Case Studies: Faster than Paper

If you’re working with paper then you’re slower, by far, than someone working without. Here are two quick ‘case studies’ that demonstrate how quickly a digital document can be searched, commented, and navigated.

How to Digitise a Paper Brief

In this 2 minute video I show you how to quickly and easily convert a paper brief into a searchable digital brief.

How to Build a Bookmarked Digital Brief in 30 Seconds (for free)

Build a bookmarked brief with automatically generated page numbers and an automatically generated Table of Contents (free, and in less than 30 seconds!).

How to Write on Digital Briefs

A short video demonstrating how to highlight, underline, and make margin notes on Text PDFs and Image PDFs.

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How to Build a Digital Brief

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How to Digitise a Paper Brief

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