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Get more free time.

Got a hunch you could be more efficient?

Let’s prove you right.


Want to work less without losing money?

I’ll help you identify easy ways to increase your free time without reducing your income.

Leverage digital tools

They weren’t cheap. Let’s make them prove their worth.

Pick the right software

The wrong software costs time and money. Avoid it.

Build your system

Your productivity system, working for you.

“It’s amazing how much of an improvement Gerard’s courses and advice have made to my working life. I’m thrilled – highly recommend!”

Lorna Duffy

“The whole experience has been excellent. The substance, structure and communication of information is first class. I’m hooked.”

Dermot Hewson


Want to delete boring repetitive tasks from your life?

Ever feel like you’re doing work you don’t need to do? I’ll help you get rid of that work and never have to do it again.


Routine tasks. If this, then that. Simple and effective.


Non-core work. Outsource, outsource, outsource.


Unnecessary work. Why are you doing it?

“This has made a huge difference to me. I can work far more efficiently, and from anywhere. I would recommend without hesitation.”

Desmond Dockery

“I’ve been nodding my head at practically every single point you make. This is so well thought out and presented, it’s seriously impressive.”

Sonia McEntee


Here’s how I can help you.

Books, blogs and videos will only get you so far.

You’ll progress faster, and further, with a coach who understands your situation, knows the solutions, and is in your corner.

For every client of Paperless Academy I aim to:

  • Speak to you before sign up;
  • Provide you with personalised advice;
  • Equip you with a tailored learning pathway;
  • Support you on your journey;
  • Help you achieve your goals.

Ready to make more free time in your life?

Let me help you recognise your work inefficiencies, find the solutions, and achieve real results.