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The Paperless Practice
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Switching to a paperless practice is the single most effective way for lawyers to unlock more efficient ways of working, to earn more from less work, and to enjoy a better work-life balance.

Paperless Academy offers multiple resources to help you understand what paperless means, to decide if it’s right for you, and ultimately to make the transition yourself.

Whether you’re just starting out, or already doing some paperless work, I can help you become more efficient in your legal practice.

“It’s amazing how much of an improvement Gerard’s courses and advice have made to my working life. I’ve become far more efficient with digital documents, moved away from a paper-centric system, and my productivity has increased hugely. I had several calls with Gerard which I found invaluable in my overall progress. My work-life balance has benefited and I’ve even started to digitally outsource some of my non-legal workload. I’m thrilled! Highly recommend!”

Lorna Duffy, Solicitor



Printing, posting and storing physical files is costly, especially when you include the time it takes to perform these tasks, and the cost of things like paper, printer ink, and printer maintenance. Going paperless reduces these overhead costs, improving the profitability of your practice.


Have you ever had a phone call about a case but not had the papers in front of you? With paperless you’ll be able to open the file on screen in an instant. In addition, sharing documents with clients becomes faster and easier and, if you use digital signatures, you can have retainers, contracts and other agreements signed and returned in minutes rather than days.


Paper creates a significant environmental impact, contributing to deforestation, groundwater pollution and global warming. In addition, economic studies have shown that customers are more likely to choose an environmentally friendly business over one that is environmentally agnostic.


Physical files create a security risk for your practice – they can be lost, mislaid, left behind, or even stolen. Digital files can be stored behind bank-grade security and can be accessed by everyone in your office without needing to duplicate or print files.


Physical files have limitations and can only be shared by post or in person. This makes collaboration difficult and time-consuming. Digital files can easily be shared and edited in a secure online location, helping to speed up preparatory work and ultimately improving the client experience.


Physical files impose significant time impositions – they have to be physically transported and stored, they cannot be keyword searched, and their content cannot be easily extracted for use in other locations. Digital files allow for significant time savings, with consequent cost savings and improved client satisfaction.


Physical files have to be physically present to be worked on – this usually means you either travel to the office for work, or you bring the files home with you. God forbid you want to do some work in court while waiting for a case to get on… With digital files you can work on any case, from anywhere, at any time.


A practice that is built around physical files and paper-based processes could be decimated by a fire or a flood, and possibly never recover. Where files and processes have been digitised and securely stored, your practice will be much better equipped to adapt after a disaster or unexpected accident.

“This has made a huge difference to my practice. I can work far more efficiently with digital documents. The step-by-step process has made me much more efficient in my work. I no longer feel tied to my office and can work from anywhere. Doing the course gave me the confidence to make the switch to paperless and I would recommend it to other lawyers without hesitation.”

Barrister Senior Counsel

Des Dockery, Senior Counsel



Articles and video guides covering topics relating to paperless legal practice.


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The Paperless Practice is the complete resource for going paperless. It’s a practical step-by-step framework to eliminate paper from your office, covering everything you need to know.

The package includes lectures, software directions, step-by-step usage guides, how-tos, templates, kit guides and more, giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to go paperless.

This is the complete package to revolutionise how you work.


About Paperless Academy

Since March 2020 Paperless Academy has been helping lawyers in Ireland, Australia, Northern Ireland, the UK, and the US to go paperless.

Articles, video guides, books, e-mail bootcamps and online courses are on offer.