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Document Review

Opening, reading, annotating and saving digital documents.

Course Overview

Learn the foundations of paperless document review, and revolutionise the way you handle your documents. This course covers topics including:

  • Accessing files;
  • Navigating documents;
  • Bookmarking & highlighting;
  • Searching documents;
  • Saving annotated files;
  • Password protection.

The course also covers some practical aspects of working with digital documents, including:

  • How to neutralise common objections to digital document review;
  • How to better retain information when working from a screen;
  • How to prevent eye strain from prolonged screen use;
  • How to select the best document review software for your needs.

By the end of this course you will have a good general understanding of document review, an appreciation of the different software solutions that are available, and the know-how to get started with digital do

Course Curriculum

This video-based course is delivered online and can be taken all at once or in smaller sessions, depending on your preference.


  • What’s in this course
  • Document review software
  • Video controls

Document Review – My Methods

  • Three common complaints
  • Bookmarks & bookmarking
  • Marking up
  • Software options
  • Resource: “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age”
  • Resource: “How to reduce eye strain from screen use”
  • Resource: PDF Software options
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge

Document Review – Software Tour

Note: The specific content of this section of the course varies depending on whether you take the Windows or the MacOS option.

  • Download and install software
  • Start software and create shortcuts
  • The dashboard
  • Browsing files and recent files
  • Pinning folders
  • Document viewing and search
  • View modes
  • Outline sidebar
  • Pages: add, delete, re-order
  • Bookmarks: add, edit, re-order, delete
  • Highlighting: add, edit, delete
  • Underlining: add, edit, delete
  • Thickness, colour and opacity
  • Other useful annotation tools
  • Margin notes
  • Saving your work: ‘save’ and ‘save as’
  • Flattening: what and how
  • Password protection

Assessment: Annotation Exercises

In this section of the course I provide you with a document and annotation exercises, Following completion of the annotation exercises you can send it to me for review and to answer any questions you might have (but you probably won’t have any 😁)

Course Duration

94 Minutes of Video, 1 Quiz, 1 Assessment – The total duration of the videos is 94 minutes, meaning it will take 94 minutes to watch the videos at normal playback speed. It is possible to increase or decrease playback speed as preferred. The quiz should take no more than 5-10 minutes, and the assessment should take about 20-30 minutes.

CPD/CLE Certification

3 Hours – On completion of the course all participants are issued with a personalised CPD/CLE Certificate confirming completion of the course and certifying for 3 hours of CPD/CLE.