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Note Taking

Making, arranging, storing and accessing notes.

Course Overview

Digital notes are a powerful tool in your arsenal, and are so much more useful, effective and efficient than paper notes. I’ll show you how to get and use the best software for making, arranging, storing and accessing notes.

Digital notebooks (unlike paper notebooks) cannot be lost, dog-eared, mislaid, damaged, or wrecked by a cup of coffee. They are always accessible, from any authorised device. Beyond that, they are customisable, adjustable, and can facilitate all kinds of different content like handwriting, typing, pictures, videos, and web links.

Once you’ve seen and discovered the capabilites of digital notebooks you’ll wonder how (and why) you managed for so long with paper 😉.

This course covers topics including:

  • Digital Notebooks -v- Paper Notebooks: Similarities & Differences;
  • How to use digital notebooks in practice;
  • Methodologies for maximum efficiency;
  • Collaborating with others using digital notebooks;
  • The software that I use, together with a detailed tour of all its features and functions;
  • How to find, download, install, and start using digital notebooks in your own office.

By the end of this course you will have a very good understanding of the benefits that digital notebooks offer, a knowledge of the options that are open to you, and a detailed understanding of how to use digital notebook software in your office to drive greater efficiency.

Course Curriculum

This video-based course is delivered online and can be taken all at once or in smaller sessions, depending on your preference.


  • What’s in this course
  • Video controls

Note Taking – My Methods

  • Paper -v- digital -> similarities
  • Paper -v- digital -> differences
  • How I use digital notebooks

Note Taking – OneNote

  • Supercharged productivity
  • Different software versions
  • Download, install and start software
  • How digital notebooks work
  • Creating your first notebook
  • The ‘Ribbons’ -> Home, Insert, Draw, View, History & Review
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Settings & help
  • Notebook sections
    • Create, edit & delete
    • Arrange & move
    • Merge, link, & protect
    • Section groups
  • Notebook pages
    • Create, edit & delete
    • Arrange, move & link
    • Groups & sub-pages
  • Notebook synchronisation & sharing
  • Typed text, styling & tags
  • Handwritten text & drawing
  • Inserting links, documents & images
  • Adding and removing page space
  • Inserting web pages & e-mails
  • Screen clippings
  • OCR (Optical character recognition)
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge
  • Resource: Notebook template

Course Duration

155 Minutes of Video, 1 Quiz – The total duration of the videos is 155 minutes, meaning it will take 155 minutes to watch the videos at normal playback speed. It is possible to increase or decrease playback speed as preferred. The quiz should take no more than 5-10 minutes. You are encouraged to try the software functions for yourself as you work through the course, adding to the course duration,

CPD/CLE Certification

5 Hours – On completion of the course all participants are issued with a personalised CPD/CLE Certificate confirming completion of the course and certifying for 5 hours of CPD/CLE.