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How Paper Slows you Down and Costs you More
How paper slows you down and costs you more

The benefits of paperless are starkly illustrated when you consider the impact that paper has on the…

Why a mouse (not a dog) is your best friend

How to make some easy efficiency gains in your paperless work, and why a mouse is an essential piece…

How to Digitise a Paper Brief
How to Digitise a Paper Brief

Watch this 2 minute video to see how easily a paper legal brief can be converted quickly into a sear…

The Fifth Court Podcast

On Episode 7 of Ireland's legal podcast the founders of Paperless Academy and TrialView talk about t…

How to Build a Digital Brief
How to Build a Digital Brief

Build a bookmarked brief with automatically generated page numbers and an automatically generated Ta…

The Justice System is going paperless

According to the Department of Justice Action Plan 2021, we are headed for a paperless justice syste…

About Paperless Academy

Since March 2020 Paperless Academy has been helping lawyers in Ireland, Australia, Northern Ireland, the UK, and the US to go paperless.

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