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Document Management

Efficiently store, organise, and access your documents.

Course Overview

Know where to store everything, and where to find everything, by organising your file storage according to this straightforward system that works without any third-party software or add-ons.

Simply use File Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (MacOS), together with your chosen cloud storage (if applicable) to devise and build your own bespoke file management system!

This course covers topics including:

  • Systematising your file management;
  • Basic file management structures;
  • File storage and file naming;
  • How to devise your own bespoke system;
  • How to implement your own system.

By the end of this course you wil have a good general understanding of file management principles and practices, a template for your own bespoke file management system, and familiarity with the tools and functions needed to implement that system.

Course Curriculum

This video-based course is delivered online and can be taken all at once or in smaller sessions, depending on your preference.


  • What’s in this course
  • Video controls

Document Management – My Methods

  • System is key
  • Cloud storage
  • File storage structures
  • File naming conventions
  • Resource: Folder structure template

Devise and build your own system

  • Importance of file management
  • Basic building blocks
  • Devising your file management system
  • What’s in a name?
  • Changing file names and sorting files
  • File naming conventions
  • Structure, hierarchy, and consolidation
  • Expansion options
  • Resource: MacOS Finder Instructions
  • Resource: MacOS Finder Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Resource: Windows File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Resource: MIT Paper on File Management
  • Test your knowledge (Quiz)

Course Duration

80 Minutes of Video, 1 Quiz, 5 resources – The total duration of the videos is 80 minutes, meaning it will take 80 minutes to watch the videos at normal playback speed. It is possible to increase or decrease playback speed as preferred. The quiz should take no more than 5-10 minutes. In addition, you will need to take time to consider the resource materials, and take time to consider the structure of your own file management system and your approach to implementation.

CPD/CLE Certification

3 Hours – On completion of the course all participants are issued with a personalised CPD/CLE Certificate confirming completion of the course and certifying for 3 hours of CPD/CLE.