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Eliminate boring repetitive tasks

Get rid of the work you don’t need to do. Permanently.

Automate routine tasks

Tasks that are repetitive and occur frequently are ideal candidates for automation. I’ll help you work with automations that are built-in to the software you already use, like Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Delegate non-core work

What parts of your work can only be done by you? The rest – why are you doing it? If you’re doing work that does not require your qualifications or skillset then you’re making a mistake. I’ll help you delegate it.


Break your work functions into their constituent elements and you’ll quickly see that you don’t need to be involved in all of them. Together we’ll look at this, and remove you from every step you’re not needed for.

Delegate some more 😁

You’ll need to find somebody else who can execute the steps you’re not needed for. You may need someone with a specific skillset. I’ll help you identify what you need, who you need, and help you streamline the interview and selection process.

Intensify automation

Try appointment scheduling tools, meeting polls, and then automate a variety of other functions using third party tools like Power Automate, Zapier, and more. I’ll help you pick the best tools for your needs and help you get up and running.

Rinse and repeat

Every time you repeat the process you will likely find new things to automate or delegate. Keep going to create a well-oiled machine that works without much input from you.

Ready to make more free time in your life?

Let me help you recognise your work inefficiencies, find the solutions, and achieve real results.