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Work less without losing money

Increase your free time without reducing your income.

Get to know your devices

Your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than the Apollo 11 guidance computers. I’ll show you what your devices are capable of and how their built-in features can boost efficiency and productivity.

Analyse your function(s)

What parts of what you do can be enhanced by your devices? How big a difference would that make? How much time and money would it cost? We’ll find the ones that make the biggest difference for the lowest cost, and start there.

Pick the right software

Choosing software is not easy. There are lots of competing products. It takes time to evaluate them. Picking the wrong one will cost you time and money. I know what’s out there and I’ll help you select the software that’s right for you.

Build your own system

Copying a system you’ve seen somebody else using is an option, but is unlikely to be the best solution for your specific situation. Together we’ll tailor your system to your needs in order to maximise your efficiency and productivity gains.

Buy some extra hardware

Just because your laptop has a trackpad doesn’t mean you should use it. A mouse is twice as fast, and more accurate. I will give you situation-specific recommendations on hardware that will make a huge difference to you.

Get an outside opinion

Perspective is everything. Talk to colleagues, family and friends about efficiency and productivity. Even better, talk to someone like me, who can recommend solutions specific to you, and help you achieve the results you want.

Ready to make more free time in your life?

Let me help you recognise your work inefficiencies, find the solutions, and achieve real results.